Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LoTi Snapshot for Goose Creek ISD

Provided below is the agenda for our LoTi "Snapshot" in Goose Creek ISD

Let's first explore digital-age learning by viewing three short video clips below.

Now, rank the videos from Lowest (1) to Highest (3) in terms of representing digital-age teaching and learning.

Discussion: Add a comment at the bottom of this blog post now about the specific "look-fors" that separated your highest rated video from your lowest rated video.

What is H.E.A.T.?

Discussion: Conduct a H.E.A.T. analysis of the Food Chains video. Was it bringing the H.E.A.T. to student learning in terms of Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authentic connections, and Technology use. Discuss with your colleagues how you would have scored this video based on the H.E.A.T. rubric.

What is LoTi?

Discussion: Conduct a LoTi Sniff Test of the Elements Commercial and Biology videos. What was the LoTi Level of each video? Enter the LoTi Level of each video case study below by clicking on the LoTi Rating link.

Discussion: How does LoTi relate to H.E.A.T.? Discuss with your colleagues the relationship between LoTi and H.E.A.T.

What is the LoTi Continuous Improvement Cycle?
• Assess
• Plan
• Implement
- Sample H.E.A.T. Strategy: Online LoTi/H.E.A.T. Classes (User ID: lotiguest/Password: lotiguest)
• Sustain
- Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T (User ID: lotiguest/Password: lotiguest)

Discussion: What criteria or "look-fors" does your school district currently use to gauge acceptable "digital-age learning" best practices? How do these criteria compare with the H.E.A.T. look-fors? 

Professional Development Opportunities:



  1. I liked the way students used the technology (video) in the commercials to persuade based on their learning.

  2. The biology video seemed to integrate a higher level of technology. The commercial integrated very little technology.

  3. The biology classroom had real world activities that were engaging, project based and authentic

  4. The elementary video incorporated a variety of technology: the promethian board, cps units and
    United Streaming kept the students attention.

  5. MS commercial was more entertainment and throwing back the facts...not enough deep thinking going on.

    LS one was a great way to engage kids in a different way, to learn a different way

    BUT HS one involved much more collaboration and in depth critical thinking