Monday, April 30, 2007

Good Morning!

We want to welcome you to the Extreme Math Makeovers workshop at the Gloucester County Education Building. Your plastic surgery physicians include:

Dr. Christopher Moersch
National Certified LoTi Trainer

Todd Fishburn
National Certified LoTi Trainer

Joseph F. Seaman
MATRIX Program Officer
New Jersey Department of Education

To assist you with sharing resources and ideas, we have also created a blog and wiki for today's program. Their URL addresses appear below:

• Extreme Math Makeover Blog:
• Extreme Math Makeover Wiki:

Provided below is today's agenda:

Morning Session:
PreOp Math Patient Care (Large Group)
• H.E.A.T.
• Virtual Classroom Walkthroughs
• LoTi
• Resources & Strategies

• Surgery Room A: Math Forum (Group 1)
• Surgery Room B: Mini-Math Makeover (Group 2)
• Surgery Room C: Extreme Math Makeover (Group 3)

• Surgery Room A: Math Forum (Group 3)
• Surgery Room B: Mini-Math Makeover (Group 1)
• Surgery Room C: Extreme Math Makeover (Group 2)

Afternoon Session:
• Surgery Room A: Math Forum (Group 2)
• Surgery Room B: Mini-Math Makeovers (Group 3)
• Surgery Room C: Extreme Math Makeovers (Group 1)

Closing Session
• Postop Patient Care (Large Group)

At the end of the session, we would really like to get your feedback. Please access the URL below to complete the workshop evaluation. Thank you!!

EMM Workshop Evaluation

Surgical Tools:
Graphing Tools
Rubric Building Tools
Survey Tools
Graphic Organizer Tools
Web-based Projects
Google Earth

Surgical Resources:
Questioning Toolbox
Creative Action
LoTi Schools Bookmarks
National Library of Math Manipulatives
LoTi Lounge

Monday, April 2, 2007

LoTi Project: Using 21st Century Skills to Turn Up the H.E.A.T.


Today's agenda will address the following items:

* 21st Century Skills & Content
* LoTi Framework
* H.E.A.T. Observations
* Extreme Makeover Case Studies
* H.E.A.T. Resources

During my presentation, I will reference several websites supporting 21st Century Learning and Extreme Makeovers and promoting more H.E.A.T. in the classroom.

Partnership for the 21st Century

H.E.A.T. Resources

Questioning Toolbox
Creative Action
Google Earth
LoTi Schools Bookmarks