Friday, January 29, 2010

LoTi Leadership Symposium - State of Indiana

Dear Colleague,

Provided below is the agenda for the LoTi Leadership Symposium in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

• LoTi Overview
LoTi Sniff Test
• LoTi/H.E.A.T. Input/Output Model
• LoTi Continuous Improvement Cycle
- LoTi Digital-Age Survey
- LoTi Profiler
- Next Steps Action Plans
- Individualized Professional Development Plans
Implement (H.E.A.T. Strategies)
- Sample Web 2.0 Resource: Finding the Right Tool
- The LoTi Classroom (Online Learning)
User Name: lotiguest
Password: lotiguest
- Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T.
- LoTi Observer
LoTi Digital-Age Schools
• 5C's of Instructional Leadership
• Summary and Reflection

Important Links:
LoTi Connection
LoTi Lounge
LoTi Classroom (Online Learning)


Video Samples - Early Childhood Level
Early Childhood - Lifelong Learning
Early Childhood: Science - Worms
Early Childhood: Math - Counting
Early Childhood: Social Studies - Community
Early Childhood: Science: - Zoo Trip
Early Childhood: Science: - Exploring Balls and Ramps

Video Samples - Elementary School Level
Elementary Math: Fractions
Elementary Science: Food Chains
Elementary Science: Ecology
Elementary Science: Space Day Design Challenge
Elementary Science/Math/Language Arts: Weather
Elementary Science: Electricity
Elementary Math: Tessellations
Elementary Science: Weather
Elementary Science: Maui's Coral Reefs-Echinoderms
Elementary Science: Stopping Distances
Elementary Science: Monarch Butterflies
Elementary Science: Solar System
Elementary Science: Ecosystems
Elementary PE: Pulse Rates
Elementary Math: Luxury Hotel
Elementary Science: Hermit Crabs
Elementary Science: Iron Oxide Experiment

Video Samples - Middle School Level
Middle School Math: Stock Market
Middle School Math: Archimedes Spiral
Middle School Language Arts: Literature Review - Tuck Everlasting
Middle School Science: Properties of Matter
Middle School Science: Air Pressure
Middle School Science: Elements Commercial
Middle School Science: Science Journals

Video Samples - High School Level
High School Technology Elective: Video Editing
High School Math: Pythagorean Theorem
High School Math: Geometry in the Real World
High School English: MacBeth
High School Social Studies: Theodore Roosevelt and Progressivism
High School Physics: Projectiles
High School Science: Starry Night Simulation

Please leave a comment about any questions from the LoTi Administrator Institute presentation.

Thank you for attending!

Chris Moersch, Ed.D.
LoTi Executive Director

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