Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MassCUE & METAA Technology Leadership Symposium 2011

SESSION: Engaging the Unengaged—Using Digital Age Best Practices to Elevate Achievement in the Core Content Areas

Support Links:
- Monster Exchange
- Make A Police Sketch
- Thumb War
- H.E.A.T. Framework

- LoTi Lounge
- LoTi Classroom
- LoTi Connection
- Digital Age Best Practices Flyer
- Digital Age Best Practices White Paper
- LoTi Implementation Model
- Stage 1: Building Capacity Checklist
- Stage 2: Implementing Change Checklist
- Stage 3: Sustaining Independence Checklist
- Sample LoTi Digital Age School Report
- Sample Custom Online Course Project Report

- Engaging the Unengaged: Using 21st Century Skills/Themes to Elevate Student Academic Achievement PowerPoint PDF

SESSION: 21st Century Walkthroughs: Using iPad Technology to Improve Student Achievement and Digital Age Learning

Support Links:
- LoTi Lounge
- LoTi Classroom
- LoTi Connection
- Sample Monthly Walkthrough Report
- H.E.A.T. Walkthrough Form (Regular PDF)
- H.E.A.T. Walkthrough Form (Editable PDF)
- Custom Walkthrough Form Sample - H.E.A.R.T. ACBOE
- Custom Walkthrough Form Sample - H.E.A.R.T. Salina

- 21st Century Walkthroughs: Using iPad Technology to Improve Student Achievement and Digital Age Learning PowerPoint PDF

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turning Up the "T" in H.E.A.T./H.E.A.R.T.

During a H.E.A.T./H.E.A.R.T. classroom walkthrough, it may not always be obvious where the strategic use of a website or Web 2.0 application within a lesson can elevate the level of engagement in the classroom. Provided below are web resources including a series of Web 2.0 tools that can be used by classroom teachers to turn up the "T" in H.E.A.T./H.E.A.R.T.

The web resources are organized by content area. You may want to consider one or more of these sites as you give feedback to your staff via the walkthrough process.

Math Resources
Math Tools

ELA Resources

Science Resources
Virtual Labs

Social Studies Resources
National Budget Simulation

Fine Arts Resources
The Audition Room
SFS Kids

Web 2.0 Resources
• Web 2.0 Tool: Survey Monkey
• Web 2.0 Tool: Zoomerang
• Web 2.0 Tool: Survs
• Web 2.0 Tool: Dabbleboard
• Web 2.0 Tool: MyWebspiration
• Web 2.0 Tool: Wordle
• Web 2.0 Tool: TagCrowd
• Web 2.0 Tool: Blogger
• Web 2.0 Tool: 21 Classes
• Web 2.0 Tool: Writeboard
• Web 2.0 Tool: Wikispaces
• Web 2.0 Tool: ePals
• Web 2.0 Tool: Gaggle
• Web 2.0 Tool: GoogleDocs
• Web 2.0 Tool: Audacity
• Web 2.0 Tool: GarageBand