Thursday, February 16, 2006

LoTi Mentor Certification Day 3 - Irving, TX - Reflection

I wish to compliment each of you for your intensity level, dedication, and commitment to high level technology implementation during the three-day LoTi Mentor Certification Institute at the Irving ISD Administration Building. Earlier today, we focused on (1) implementing the LoTi Observer as a component of your Next Steps Action Plan, (2) modeling sample professional development interventions involving Differentiated Instruction & Technology Use and EBAM (Experiential-based Action Model), and (3) maximizing the use of your LoTi Mentor Certification manual and LMC CD for professional development purposes.

LoTi Observer
To try out the Texas Demo version of the LoTi Observer with your Palm Handheld, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the LoTi Lounge (
2. Enter Group ID: txlotiadmin
3. Enter User Password: txlotiadmin
4. Select LoTi Observations (lower left corner of webpage)
4. Follow online instructions to (1) Download Handheld LoTi Observer Component, (2) Download Teachers to Handheld for Observation, and (3) Upload Results from Handheld Observations.

In lieu of the handheld LoTi Observer, you can manually conduct a LoTi Walkthrough using the walk-through forms on pages 191-197 of the LoTi Mentor Certification manual.

Sample Professional Development Interventions
Over the course of the 3-day mentor certification program, I modeled several interventions to bolster technology implementation at the campus level. Remember the Clapping Simulation, Few Computer Classroom (reaction time vs gender), Monster Exchange, Bell-Starters, Differentiated Instruction and Technology Use, and lastly, EBAM (Experiential-based Action Model).

It is important to remember that implementing LoTi does not follow a cookbook receipe; rather, the entire process can be woven into an existing instructional initiative (e.g., Complex Thinking Skills, Questioning Strategies, Formative Assessment Practices, Differentiated Instruction) or become the de facto Whole School Reform Model for your district.

LoTi Mentor Certification Manual and CD
Yesterday, I modeled how to maximize the use of your manual and CD to conduct either small or large scale professional development interventions for staff. I coined these interventions as LoTi Skill Sets. Provided below is a summary.

LoTi Skill Sets - Rubrics
• Clapping Simulation
LMC Manual - Page 139
• Good, Better, Best Simulation
LMC Manual - Page 142
• online Rubric Makers (e.g., RubiStar)

LoTi Skill Sets - Target Tech Units
• The Great American Apple Pie Simulation
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #10
• Apollo 13 Presentation
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #11
• Experiential-based Action Model Units
LMC Manual - Page 164
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #12

LoTi Skill Sets - Differentiated Instruction
• Roll the Dice PowerPoint Simulation
LMC Manual - Page 163
• Evaluating Web Projects - Differentiation
LMC Manual - Page 98
• High/Low Simulation
LMC Manual - Page 162

LoTi Skill Sets - Thinking Skills
• Bloom Review - Chris in Texas
LMC Manual - Page 40
• Bloom Workout Videos
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #3
• Complex Thinking Simulation
LMC Manual - Page 46
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #6

LoTi Skill Sets - LoTi Framework
• Classroom Technology Case Study
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #1
• LoTi Framework
LMC Manual - Page 55
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #2
• LoTi Observations
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #3
• LoTi Review - Manatee Cards, Teacher Narratives, WebQuests, Sample Lesson Plans, LoTi Mentor CD -
Session #4

LoTi Skill Sets - Performance Tasks
• Evaluating Web Projects
LMC Manual - Page 145
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #8
• Supersizing Lesson Plans
LMC Manual - Page 102
• Designing “High-Octane” Performance Tasks
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #7
LoTi Mentor CD - Session #9

LoTi Skill Sets - Extreme Tech Makeovers
• Evaluating Web Projects Handout
LMC Manual - Page 89
• Introduce Makeover Candidate (e.g., lesson plan, instruction unit, learning experience, Web project)
• Conduct Makeover
• Show Before/After

LoTi Lounge Subscription
Let us know if you would like a free subscription to the LoTi Lounge for one of your campuses. To take advantage of this offer, go to the LoTi Connection website and fill out the form. At the prompt, Purchase Order Number, put in the following: Free Access for One School: C. Moersch.

Some of you expressed interest in a follow-up videoconference. If there is sufficient interest, I would be happy to organize a video session in early April. Please let me know of your interest.

Thank you again for becoming an active participant in the LoTi Mentor Certification Program. As a reminder, your LMC submissions are due no later than May 15th, 2006. In the meantime, if there is any aspect of the program that you would like clarified, please let me know.


LoTi Mentor Certification Day 3 - Irving, TX - February 16th, 2006

Welcome to Day 3 of the LoTi Mentor Certification Institute. Provided below is today's agenda.

LoTi 3 Case Study: Monster Exchange
LoTi Lounge
LoTi Observer Demonstration
Certification Task #3 Review: ASSESS
Certification Task #9
Differentiated Instruction & Technology Use
Certification Task #6
LoTi Mentor CD
LoTi Skill Sets
LCM Submission Date: TBA
Mission Statement

I look forward to your comments.


LoTi Mentor Certification Day 2 - Irving, TX - Reflection

Yesterday, the focus of our session involved planning for successful technology implementation both at the classroom(creating individualized professional development plans for teachers) and school building level (developing a Next Steps Action Plan for ABC Middle School). Some of the points I addressed during our Day 2 Session included:

1. The Next Steps Action Plan for your school building or school district needs to emphasize existing curriculum priority areas and student performance on the TAKS.

2. The Next Steps Action Plan needs to include stringent accountability measures to ensure that tasks are performed on-time.

3. The Next Steps Action Plan needs to become a "living" document subject to change and alterations depending on different environmental variables.

4. The Next Steps Action Plan needs to demonstrate that technology can and should play a pivotal role in improving TAKS scores.

5. A need exists to reconceptualize NCLB so that emphasis is placed on the learner rather than on test-prep. To this end, I introduced the New NCLB:

- Non-traditional assessment strategies
- Challenging learning opportunities
- Learning-based curriculum models
- Bloom's taxonomy in-action

6. A website exists that provides a bountiful supply of links to lesson plans, applets, simulations, and interactive "bell-starters" for immediate classroom use. The URL is:


7. Before engaging teachers in the rubric construction process, it is paramount that teachers first buy into the process. I modeled a simulation called the Clapping Simulation as a way of reminding staff of the importance placed on communicating clear and consistent expectations to students.

As promised, I will be sending this morning a completed Next Steps Action Plan for ABC School to your email address. Please include this document as satisfactory completion of Task #4.

I look forward to your comments.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LoTi Mentor Certification Day 2 - Irving, TX - February 15th, 2006

Welcome to Day 2 of the LoTi Mentor Certification Institute. Provided below is today's agenda:

• LoTi Certification Process
• LoTi vs Teacher STaR Chart: FOUNDATION
• Bell Starter Activities: IMPLEMENTATION
• Manatee LoTi Review: FOUNDATION
• Clapping Simulation: IMPLEMENTATION
• LoTi Assessment Overview: ASSESS
• Certification Task #3 Review: ASSESS
• Certification Task #4: PLAN
• Individual Professional Development Plans: PLAN***
• Certification Task #2: PLAN

As always, I would really appreciate your feedback.



LoTi Mentor Certification Day 1 - Irving, TX - Reflection

Since the majority of the day was spent "LoTizing" video clips and related learning activities, I wanted to provide you with some additional suggestions when conducting classroom walkthroughs or reviewing student products.

1.Having students apply what they have learned to a new authentic situation involves more than just depositing the information into a webpage, blog, wiki, or multimedia presentation; it requires students applying the pertinent concepts or skills to a situation that directly impacts the learner, his/her immediate surroundings, and/or the larger community. If this is not the case, then you most likely have either a LoTi 2 or 3 learning experience.

2. Whenever possible, use pages 75/76 from your LoTi Mentor Certification manual to help approximate the LoTi of any lesson plan, web-project, or instructional unit.

3. A truly differentiated classroom has LoTi 0-4 occurring on a daily basis.

4. The appropriate or target LoTi should always be commensurate with the TEKS or TAKS Objectives being addresssed and at the desired level of student cognition.

As a reminder, you are encouraged to complete the last two LoTi approximations from Task #1 and the entire Task #3. We will start the day reviewing these activities. I will also share the results of our data collection comparing the reaction time of women versus men. Say tuned.

If you have any other questions that I can answer about the LoTi Framework, please let me know.


LoTi Mentor Certification Day 1 - Irving, TX - February 14th, 2006

Greetings from the LoTi Team! Today, we begin Day 1 of the LoTi Mentor Certification Institute at the Irving ISD Admininstration Building in the Irving ISD. Today's preliminary agenda will consist of the following events:

I. Extreme Technology Makeover Case Study
II. Bloom Workout
III. LoTi Observations***
IV. Certification Task #1
V. LoTi 3 Case Study: Reaction Time vs Gender
VI. Certification Task #3

Let me know of any concerns you have with the agenda or the entire certification process. Your comments are greatly appreciated.