Tuesday, February 21, 2012

90/90 in a Nutshell

The target goal for successful H.E.A.T. Walkthroughs is 90/90 whereby 90% of staff are (1) indicating that they are getting some face-time feedback from their administrator(s) after a walkthrough and (2) acknowledging that the feedback is conducive to their professional growth. In many of our LoTi Digital-Age Schools, both of these numbers are climbing!

As a professional development provider over the past 20 years, I am hard-pressed to find a better way of promoting continuous improvement than through the Classroom Walkthroughs with H.E.A.T process. Why? Though other forms of P.D. (onsite, online, blended) have their obvious strengths and corresponding weaknesses, the walkthrough experience is targeted, timely, and highly personal. Above all, it is efficient. Think about it for a second. Classroom Walkthroughs do not require:

• substitutes
• time away from the classroom
• scheduling
• consultants
• a budget
• a workshop agenda

What better way to improve professional practice on your campus? Imagine the impact on your school's instructional program if you spend 15 minutes per day conducting one or two walkthroughs. Hitting the 90/90 mark does not guarantee improved test scores, but used in conjunction with digital-age best practices, a well-defined benchmarking system, and a standards-based approach to instruction and assessment, you can seamlessly build the necessary capacity to achieve both your student achievement and professional growth targets.