Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recommendations/Commendations for Your Walkthrough Reports

After completing either a H.E.A.T. or H.E.A.R.T. Walkthrough, it is critical to balance your teacher feedback with at least one targeted commendation coupled with one specific, yet supportive recommendation. A colleague of mine, Ken Flood, who is Principal of Chelsea Heights School in the Atlantic City School District (New Jersey) shared with me some standardized feedback statements that he uses as part of the District classroom walkthrough process.

As you review these commendations and recommendations, please consider how you might create your own list. You might even want to borrow a few of the statements below!


• The components of the lesson are consistent with the Literacy Collaborative program adopted by the district.

• The components of the lesson are consistent with the 5E model adopted by the district.
• The lesson integrated social studies into the language arts curriculum. The students explored selected topics using the computer as a medium.
• The students are often provided the opportunity to utilize the computer lab where technology is directly connected to task completion.
• The students have benefited from the grants funds that have supported participation in the innovative and new program through Rutgers University.
• The lesson integrated cross-curricular content into the P/E curriculum.
• The students were engaged in the activity for the duration of the lesson.

• It is suggested that you continue to work in tandem with the BSI teacher to maximize supportive instruction for identified students.
• Where possible, you might want to utilize multiple software applications to accommodate the different level of learners in your classroom.
• Although no technology was used in this particular lesson, please continue to utilize technology that is relevant and directly connected to the completion of the task in the delivery of your lessons.
• It is recommended that you monitor very closely any student activities that require internet usage. This will deter students from deviating from the assigned task.
• Please continue to explore grants options to fund innovative and new programs that would benefit our children.
• It is suggested that you utilize benchmark results to identify areas of concentration and to drive instruction.
• Please continue to collaborate and work in tandem with the Health teacher and to develop cross-curricular lessons whenever possible. This is an excellent way to support other content areas.
• You are to encouraged to meet with at least two guided reading groups per day to remain consistent with the demands of the Literacy Collaborative program.
• Choral repetition will provide all students with the opportunity to practice pronunciation of the new vocabulary.

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