Monday, August 24, 2009

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General Resources:

21st Century Learning Revisited
HEAT Observation Form
LoTi Sniff Test
LoTi Framework

Web 2.0 Resources

H.E.A.T. Strategies:
LoTi Digital-Age Survey
Lesson Makeover
• Lesson Plan Reviews
Graphic Organizers
Questioning Toolkit
Bloom's Taxonomy
Sample Classroom Walkthrough
Peer Observations
Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Learner
Focus Strategies
21st Century Performance Assessments
online Learning

Creating Websites
Wikispaces for Teachers
Scholastic Home Page Builder

Interactive Maps
Intute World Guide
National Geographic Map Machine
Google Earth

Video Editing
Movie Maker (Windows)
iMovie (Mac)

Google Docs
Take a Tour
Google Docs Help
Google Docs in Plain English

Publishing Student Work
Publishing Students Resources

Family and Consumer Science
Online Resources
Family and Consumer Science Website
Thinkfinity -Search by Content for Resources, Lessons

Math Resources
Get Real: Math in Everyday Life
Math Projects
Applying Math Skills to a Real World Problem
Funny Math Videos on Teacher Tube

Virtual Field Trips
Take or Create One
Internet 4 Classrooms Trips

Photo Sharing

Screen Capture Recording
Cam Studio
i Show U (Mac)