Saturday, January 3, 2009

Designing Interdisciplinary Units with H.E.A.T.

Happy New Year! Provided below is today's agenda:

LoTi Case Study
Define an interdisciplinary unit?
21st Century Skills/Themes
• Essential vs Engaging Questions
High-Octane Culminating Tasks
• Focus Strategies
Designing Interdisciplinary Units
High-Octane Scoring Guides

LoTi Sniff Test
H.E.A.T. Rubric
Scoring Guide Rubric
- Validity Rubric/Reliability Rubric
Interdisciplinary Learning in Your Classroom

Project Websites:
Urban Land Institute
Living Relationships - Interdisciplinary Unit
CIESE - Interdisciplinary Projects

Please leave a comment about any questions involving today's agenda.

May the LoTi Be With You!