Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PowerPoint Exercise

In this activity, you and your colleagues will modify an existing PowerPoint presentation for a meeting with a school district's administrative team. The multimedia presentation should last no longer than 10 minutes, but should give the targeted audience (e.g., superintendent, assistant superintendents, directors) a broad and persuasive understanding of the benefits that LoTi can provide their district in terms of improving student achievement in science and mathematics at Grades 5-8.

In this activity, you will need to complete the following tasks:

1. Download the existing PowerPoint presentation. "LoTi Powerpoint Presentation"

2. Review the PowerPoint presentation for content and purpose.

3. Make changes to the existing PowerPoint presentation that will produce a convincing argument as to why the school district's administrative team should implement the LoTi Program in their school system for Grades 5-8.

4. Deliver the PowerPoint presentation to your targeted audience.

Chris Moersch will serve as representatives of the school district's administrative representative.