Thursday, November 15, 2007

LoTi Math Workshop - November 15th, 2007: Reflection

Today, we had the opportunity to conduct some Extreme Makeovers for mathematics. I also introduced a concept called H.E.A.T. to help us think about ways of raising the bar for student engagement in the classroom. What causes one lesson to be at a higher level of engagement than another relates directly to the amount of HEAT generated.

- Higher order thinking
- Engaged learning
- Authenticity
- Technology tools

During the morning, we discussed several makeover strategies for the video lessons presented (remember the lessons addressing central tendency, Archimedes Spiral, and area) as well as conducted an actual makeover for a math lesson addressing area and circumference of geometric shapes. The range of makeover ideas was excellent because they created more H.E.A.T. in the classroom which translates into improved student academic achievement. The actual makeover ideas appear below:

#1- Basketball/baseball comparison: Students will determine if pitching a baseball across home plate is easier than shooting a basketball through a basketball hoop based on their understanding of area and circumference.

#2 - Room Makeover: Students will conduct a classroom makeover in terms of rearranging and/or adding more furniture based on their understanding of area and circumference. Students will have to present a new blueprint for their proposed makeover using the Gliffy website.

#3 - Creating a Mural: Students will design a mural using different geometric shapes that will conform to the dimensions of an outside wall on a building in the Perth Amboy community. Students will use a digital camera to determine potential sites for the mural placement. Students will need to calculate area of the different locations in order to estimate the cost of paint, etc.

#4 - Inductive Reasoning: Students will work in small groups to inductively explore the concept of 3.14.

We ended the day with conducting a brief walkthrough of the online LoTi Classroom Teacher course as well as discussing topics for our December sessions. These topics included:

- Teaching Outside the Box, when Students Don't Know What's Inside the Box
- Using Technology Beyond Calculators
- Transient population enter middle math airspace

Kay will work with you in the meantime to submit one of your lessons for us to review through the LoTi Lounge.

Let me know if you have any questions.

May the LoTi Be With You Always!