Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 2 LoTi ACBOE Math Coaches Institute - 11/14/07

Today, we will begin Day 1 of our LoTi ACBOE Math Coaches Institute. Today's agenda will focus on a Classroom "Visitation" Model

* Status Report
* Math Coach Job Description
* Topic: Classroom Visitations
* Lesson Plan Reviews
* October 10th Math Inservice

Provided below is summary of the Institute's proceedings.


* A technology inventory was completed by the Math Coaches and the Supervisor of Mathematics.
- New Jersey Ave School - Situation is stable in terms of technology access and use.
- Uptown Ave School - No lab time has been established by the math teachers, none of the math classrooms possess an LCD projector, and none of the available technology is being used.
- New York Avenue - Teachers attention is currently focused on the creation of math portfolios for the students. No lab time has been established by the math teachers.
- MLK - Teachers attention is currently focused on the creation of math portfolios for the students. No lab time has been established by the math teachers. Staff need overhead projectors.
- Texas Avenue - one computer per classroom and no LCD projectors available to the math teachers; computer use by 4th grade conflicts with the breakfast schedule.
- Sovereign Avenue - Six or seven computers available in the classroom; eight of the projectors lack a bulb as well as overheads

Overall Observations:

* Math teachers are not using the 5E Model (primarily stand and deliver)
* Many teachers emphasizing the wrong big ideas
* Need better quality with the Daily Math/Bell Ringer/Problem-of-the-Day activities
* Need greater consistency with the Math Mad Minutes in the classroom
* Pretesting of Benchmark #1 is completed and scored; posttest will take place during the week of 10/22/07


* Chris will secure the district job description for the math coaches and clarify their areas of responsibility.
* Chris recommends that all three Math Coaches attend formal LoTi training in or out-of-state. There will be a LMC Institute in Las Vegas during the week of December 3rd, 2007


Today's presentation focused on clinical classroom visitations. Provided below is a summary of the key points from Chris' PowerPoint presentation.

Visitation Benefits
* Encourages reflection and analysis of teaching practices
* Promotes specific feedback over time
* Fosters collaboration among all stakeholders on campus
* Improves student achievement

Visitation Prerequisites
* Ability to conduct clinical visitations
* Thorough grasp of the “look-fors”
* High level of mutual trust, respect, and rapport
* A non-threatening, secure environment
* Focus on improved student achievement

Visitation Model
* Preconference
* Visitation
* Postconference

Visitation Preconference
* Agreeing on data collection technique(s)
* Asking questions to help plan lesson around the focus
* Creating a common understanding of the “look-fors”
* Working out the visitation logistics

Visitation Preconference: Data Collection
* Scripted Visitations
* Student Survey
* Student Interviews
* Teacher Interview

Visitation Preconference: Logistics
* Visitation time and date
* Positioning of observer
* Length of visitation
* Interaction with students

* Note taking or visitation form?
* Partial lesson or entire lesson?
* Passive or active involvement?
* One or multiple visitors?

Visitation Postconference
* Teacher reflection
* Discussion of focus strategies or “look-fors”
* Planning for next observation
* Discussion of possible role reversals

The summer lessons will be distributed to the math teachers during tomorrow's workshop. In the future, all lesson plans will be done on the computer with sufficient scaffolding to ensure a quality product.

Chris, Jose, and Ray will be facilitating the 5th-8th Grade Math inservice; Christine and Jen will be facilitating the 4th Grade math Inservice

* The Math Coaches will email requests for services beyond the scope of their job description to both Dr. Ray Allen and Marilyn Cohen for all items involving technology or technology procedures.
* The Math Coaches will complete one (1) Classroom Visitation cycle with a math teacher during the month of October, 2007.
* The Math Coaches will carefully review their job description and confirm with an email response to Donna Haye.

Let me know of any concerns or questions. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Have Fun!


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