Monday, August 13, 2007

LHS Day 1 Reflection

Thank you again for your energy and effort toward raising the temperature of school climate at Levelland High School. During the course of the day, we conducted a series of self-assessments (e.g., thinking styles, PIG personality profile) to help better understand our individual strengths, discussed and modeled the 5 characteristics of 212º Climate (i.e., Authenticy, Faith, Belief, Perseverance, and Kindness), and participated in a series of team building simulation designed to promote decision-making, problem-solving, and communications. We finished the day by developing a Mission Statement surrounding the 5 characteristics of 212º Climate

Sample Mission Statements:

The Focus of Levelland High School is to encourage students to become productive citizens by providing educational opportunities that promote positive attitudes and strong beliefs.

Levelland High School endeavors to create a positive learning environment focusing on those characteristics vital to success in school and life beyond high school. Administrators will foster a positive attitude throughout the LISD campus. Teachers will show kindness towards the students while continuing to believe in every student's potential. Through this process, the high degree of academic excellence as well as success outside the classroom will be maintained and preserved.

The mission of Levelland High School is to engage all students in their quest to achieve both personal and educational goals. By fostering teamwork, student success will be inevitable.

All stakeholders at Levelland High School will demonstrate an attitude that supports a positive and engaging learning environment, one committed to communicating high expectations for learning and achieving. We believe in every student's ability and unique potential to succeed and the importance of life-long learning. Teachers and students will persevere in the process of identifying appropriate learning methods and styles. With the support and kindness of each other as well as the community, this endeavor will be an ongoing mission.

Levelland High School will create the leadership needed to produce excellent attitudes and a belief that all students can succeed. By engaging, focusing, and relating to the students, a positive relationshp among all stakeholders will ensue based on the kindness and integrity of both students and staff.

Our mission at Levelland High School is to develop successful students through a positive and kind attitude along with a strong belief in the importance of education. Our students will focus and persevere above and beyond acceptable standards and succeed in life.

It is the mission of Levelland High School to foster a climate of success by promoting a positive attitude based on kindness in and out of the classroom and a belief that all students can achieve their dreams and goals through focus and perseverance.

The LHS community will approach learning using an optimistic viewpoint with the belief that all students will be successful in each area of life while aspiring to give their personal best and show their generosity of spirit. The staff will achieve this goal by providing a learning environment that promotes students using real-world applications.

Every student will have a positive attitude, demonstrate kindness toward each other, and focus on learning & success. As educators, we must empower each student to believe in themselves and have perseverance to reach their dreams and overcome obstacles.

The attitude and beliefs that we give needs to focus on teaching our students perseverance and kindness.

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