Wednesday, May 2, 2007

21st Century Skills & Content

As you fine-tune your LoTi 4+ instructional units, think about the amount of H.E.A.T. they are generating as well as how well they align with 21st Century Skills & Content. Acccording to the Partnership for the 21st Century, 21st Century Skills & Content include the following:

21st Century Skills:

Information and Communication Skills
* Information and Media Literacy
* Communication Skills

Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
* Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking
* Problem-solving
* Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity

Interpersonal and Self-Directional Skills
* Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills
* Self-direction
* Accountability and Adaptability
* Social Responsibility

21st Century Content:

Global Awareness

Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Civic Literacy

Health and Wellness Awareness

Provided below is the link to the Partnership for the 21st Century website:

Partnership for the 21st Century