Thursday, January 10, 2008

LoTi Math Workshop - January 10th, 2007 - Reflection

Thank you for the great day discussing the importance of H.E.A.T. (Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authenticity, and Technology use) and the role of differentiated instruction in middle school math learning stations. We also spent time submitting math lesson plans online for review by LoTi National Trainers and reviewing the online LoTi Classroom Teacher 101 course. Please keep current with the weekly activities including the posting of your reflections. We want everyone to have a great experience with the world of online learning.

A large section of the day was devoted to the creation of learning stations for our middle school math classrooms. Provided below is a summary of notes and resources relating to learning stations.

Differentiation Strategies:
• Learning Stations/Centers
• Adjusting Questions
• Tiered Instruction
• Compacted Curriculum
• Flexible Grouping
• Anchor Activities
• Exit Cards
• Graphic Organizers
• Learning Contracts
• Personal Agendas
• Interest-based Investigations

Learning Stations versus Learning Centers:
Centers are areas in the classroom where students refine a skill or extend a concept (e.g., Math center, Anchor activity center). Stations are different places in the math classroom where students work on tasks simultaneously, and whose activities are linked - Carol Ann Tomlinson

Learning Stations in a Sample Math Classroom:
• Whole class warm-up
• Review station assignments made based on pre-assessment
• Pull a group to the teacher’s station for a structured focus lesson.
• Other students work at their stations. You move around to monitor their progress when students at the teacher’s station are working in pairs or independently.
• Whole class closure activity.

Learning Stations - Management Issues
• Remember - “Math Stations” is a strategy for differentiating instruction. Students only need to go to stations that will help them in mastering the math “Big Idea.”
• Have an anchor activity center already in place for students who finish their station work, or who don’t need to work at a station that day.

Learning Station - Teacher Exchanges
Math Learning Centers
Classroom Centers Chatboard - Really Cool!

Secondary Science/Math Centers
• Technology Centers for the Integrated Technology Classroom

Learning Station Videos
Literacy Stations

May the LoTi Be With You Always!

Chris Moersch