Wednesday, February 14, 2007

LoTi Mentor Certification Day 2 - Versailles, KY - Reflections

Today, we focused on several areas impacting instruction, assessment, and technology use in the classroom such as how to conduct a professional development intervention (remember the High-Octane Culminating Task PD) as well as how to conduct a makeover of a lesson plan by first assessing its critical attibutes (e.g., Validity/Reliability, Authenticity, Challenge, Critical Content, Differentiation, Technology Use).

Besides the LoTi Sniff test, I also introduced another concept to help us think about LoTi and the eight stages comprising the LoTi Framework. I used a lava lamp as a metaphor to represent the different levels of LoTi in the classroom. What causes one lesson to be at a higher level than another relates directly to the amount of HEAT generated.

- Higher order thinking
- Engaged learning
- Authenticity
- Technology tools

Keep in mind that the H.E.A.T. acronym represents four of the dimensions from the larger scoring guide that we used today to evaluate a lesson plan. The reasons for addressing only four dimensions are threefold: (1) KISS principle, (2) reduce the amount of staff anxiety-already too many competing priorities going on in the classroom, and (3) hit the critical elements first.

May the LoTi Be With You Always!